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“Rolex Replica Milestone” Hong Kong Phillips Auction

The “Milestones Rolex” auction has just finished in Hong Kong and all over the results where strong for the 38 lots but certainly not all lots achieved a great result compared to their (high) estimates. I’ll add the final results to the estimated below so you can see what the populair lots achieved. Personally I thought […]

My Geneva Watch Auction Report – November 2016

The “Freak Show” is over! We vintage watch lovers finally get international recognition after the steel Patek Philippe Ref 1518 sold for 11 million swiss franc! For years people thought that we (the hardcore group of international collectors & dealers) where crazy spending serious money on steel vintage watches while everyone was buying new complicated gold timepieces as an ‘investment’. […]

Checklist to analyze your vintage Rolex Replica condition

CHECKLIST to analyze your vintage Rolex Replica condition. Before even considering zooming in on details, your first look should always be if the patina is matching all over! If a certain part of the watch, e.g. the case, shows clear traces of wear and tear, this should match with the condition of the watch in other places such as […]

The Importance of the Vintage Rolex Replica dial

The importance of the vintage Rolex Replica dial in watch collecting. Modern watch collecting has become all about the condition of the dial. Some watch specialist say that about 80-90% of the value is in the dial nowadays. For outsiders this sounds silly or totally unlogic because a watch is made of lots of spare parts […]

Trusted vintage Rolex Replica for sale!

The many emails I get with questions where to buy a honest vintage Rolex Replica made me start RPM years ago. “Initiator Philipp Stahl and a team of selected international watch dealers acknowledged the growing need for a trusted vintage Rolex Replica marketplace and founded Rolex Replica Passion Market.” The highly respectable watch dealers are passioned specialist in offering you their finest […]

Christies Geneva Nov 2016 Watch Sale

On Monday November 14th the Geneva important watch sale of Christies will be held at the Hotel Des Bergues. The team of Christie’s did a great job finding some serious rare and nice examples for their sale. Besides the normal offers, Christie’s is honoring the Patek Philippe Nautilus for it’s 40th anniversary with a special […]

The Ghost Oyster Paul Newman Daytona

Many vintage Rolex Replica watches have become legendary and next to James Bond Submariner it is certainly the Paul Newman version on a Rolex Replica Daytona that has become hugely populair nowadays. Over the years lots of controversie has been around the Paul Newman dials. Even lawsuits from popular guys like musician John Mayer trying to sue a watch […]


October 2016 Parma Watch Show

After attending the Parma Watch Show for so many times already, I never get tired flying down to Italy to see my buddies. We are getting older there where the watches are getting younger. It’s become almost impossible to find something really really rare. Or let me put it differently, the market has become so mayor […]


Vintage Rolex Replica Highlights from the Phillips Watch Auction IV

UPDATE: The Phillips E Catalogue is online now: Check it out over here… Find below some more brilliant examples from the sale!   Phillips Auctioneers have announced some highlights for their upcoming “Watch Auction 4” in Geneva 12 & 13 November 2016. The stunning rare and important, one of 4 known, stainless steel Ref 1518 […]


The Vintage Rolex Replica Buyer’s Guide by Philipp Stahl

You want to learn to buy vintage Rolex Replica safely? Start studying my complete Vintage Rolex Replica Buyer’s Guide! I noticed yet again that even seasoned collectors still ask me on a regular basis the obvious advise about originality of vintage Rolex. In a constantly developing market, where fine and honest quality has gone mad during the auctions price-wise, […]


The Evolution of Rolex Replica Luminous.

UPDATED A lot has already been written about the impact of the luminous used in wristwatches. In specific the turn from using radium to tritium has been discussed in length on vintage Rolex Replica Forums. Today I don’t want to debate the dangers of early radium nor the legal impact radiation had for the swiss watch companies. I […]


Rolex Replica Exhibition at their new Flagship Store in Singapore

Located in Marina Square, a mall sited near the business district, the new Rolex Replica store is one of the largest single-brand watch stores in South East Asia. By comparison, the recently opened Patek Philippe boutique in Singapore is half as large, and it’s the brand’s largest in the region. Naturally the store is outfitted in typical Rolex Replica fashion, a conservative […]


The Vintage Rolex Replica GTG Saturday August 20th 2016 Carmel US

  My dear friend Eric Ku of Vintage Rolex Replica Forum and Josh Bonifas from Fourtane Jeweler in Carmel are announcing their yearly vintage Rolex Replica GTG. Everybody is welcome during the car weekend to join them at Josh’s lovely shop, novice and senior collectors. For your information Fourtane Jewellers is one of the only official Rolex Replica […]


What is your vintage Rolex Replica worth now?

What is the price of your vintage Rolex Replica in current market?  One of the most asked question I get every day is, what is my vintage Rolex Replica worth or what is the price of my watch? As this issue has been discussed in depth on every specialist Rolex Replica forum since many years, I’m not trying with […]


The iconic Rolex Replica Ref 6200 with Submariner that found me…

UPDATE July 2016: After carefully cleaning the dial surface with some distilled water, the radium dust that has been ‘working’ all the time left it’s mark. The surface became a bit dry so I gently oiled the surface with some natural non color containing oil. Witness the stunning result below. A nice and warm tropical […]


The Geneva Watch Auction Report – May 2016

My May 2016 Geneva Watch Report Last weekend the important watch auctions in Geneva happened again. The 4 auction houses sold together for CHF 60 million which can be divided by market leader Phillips in 2 Sales of each 16 million, Christies 18.4 million, Antiquorum 5.7 million and what happened to Sotheby’s?!? only 4 million! […]


Rolex Replica Military Issued Collectors Meeting

Last weekend I was up to London for a great meeting of “Issued vintage Rolex” organized by Mike Wood and Jed McCormack, with the help from Paul Maudsley working at Phillips Watches as international specialist. Great GTG at wonderful locations downtown London where many great vintage Rolex Replica collectors came from around the world to meet up together. Many […]

Why doesn’t Rolex Replica still NOT have a Museum ??

“Look in all the dictionaries, there is no word for what we do. It’s not ‘tradition’, though our craft is timeless. ‘Limitless’ is too limiting. ‘Enduring’ is not enduring enough. ‘Innovation’ can only begin to describe it. We sculpt, paint and explore. But explorers, sculptors and painters we are not. This is the only thing […]

The Start Stop Reset Phillips Geneva Auction

UPDATE II See the results and my Geneva Report over here –> UPDATE with live pictures Ref 4113 Split Seconde… a million plus vintage Rolex Replica for sure.. Tropical track Oyster Paul Newman..  Salmon – pink Ref 3330 big size chronograph.. Tropical RCO, will it fetch 1.5million??.. Black star dial ref 6062, another million + vintage […]

Christies May 2016 Watch Auction Preview

UPDATE: See my Geneva Watch Auction Report with live impressions and results over here –> Rare Watches Including Important Private Collections with many vintage Sport Rolex Replica for sale. Each category is present, Oyster Paul Newman, Pump Paul Newman in steel and in gold as John Player Special, many Comex Submariner, Military ref 5513, Milgauss […]

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