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Could Mr Newman’s Paul Newman fetch $10 million?

The iconic sale of Paul Newman’s Rolex Replica Paul Newman is nearby. Phillips Watches will be auctioning this highly important vintage Rolex Replica during their first U.S. watch auction October 26, at their main office on 450 Park Avenue, New York. There are high expectations from around the world by not only the diehard Rolex Replica collectors but […]

The Rolex Replica Submariner Collectors Story

The Rolex Replica Submariner Collectors Story. The history of the Rolex Replica Submariner from 1954 to the present day has always been exciting to me. Not only the early 1950-ies when the director at Rolex, Rene P Jeanneret, (Why have we never heard something about this important director by Rolex?!) a gentleman and enthusiastic diver, was a major force […]

Parma Watch Show September 2017

I always love to go to Italia not only for the fine vintage watches I see in Parma and the great friends I see again alongside but also because of the great food they serve. The simplicity how they create their excellent food is just mind-blowing. There where you often see in other countries that they add […]

What’s true and what’s not with so many Rolex Replica experts around?

Nowadays it’s become so easy to reach out to collectors who understand your passion. We Rolex Replica friends all do love the internet due to the immense possibilities to discuss watch details of which most other people are clueless about. It’s without doubt that the presence of the internet has pushed collecting vintage watches to a higher level then […]

RPM, the only 100 % Trusted Vintage Rolex Replica Market Place!

Rolex Replica Passion Market, the only 100 % Trusted Vintage Rolex Replica Market Place! This picture below shows you what RPM always has for sale, some 550+ of the best vintage Rolex Replica available in the market. Go check all vintage Rolex Replica for sale by following this link… With always some 500+ vintage Rolex Replica for sale at our […]

Studying Exotic Paul Newman Dial Designs

Studying Exotic Paul Newman Dial Designs With less then 2 months to go till Mr. Paul Newman’s Rolex Replica nicknamed alias “Paul Newman Daytona” will be auctioned by Phillips in New York. Soon we will know how many millions it will fetch. The low estimate of 1 million will this highly important Rolex Replica definitely break, the question remains how […]


Learn to know the value of your vintage Rolex!

Learn to know the value of your vintage Rolex. What is the price of your vintage Rolex Replica in current market?  One of the most asked question I get every day is, what is my vintage Rolex Replica worth or what is the price of my watch? As this issue has been discussed in depth on every specialist […]

Tutorial to analyze the condition of your vintage Rolex!

In this RPReport I share my extensive checklist so you can learn to analyze your vintage Rolex Replica condition correctly! Since I receive so many emails from around the world with questions if their Rolex Replica is original or not, I started to write a checklist so you can start evaluating most of the condition by yourself. Questions like: What […]

Paul Newman’s own Rolex Replica Paul Newman will be auctioned..

UPDATE 03 October 2017 The Phillips Catalogue of Winning Icons is online now, check the link to see it online… Paul Newman’s Daytona will be offered at Phillips inaugural New York watch auction that takes place on October 26, 2017. UPDATE: Check out the article on Revolution Watch with Phillips Watches Paul Boutros.. On its caseback, “DRIVE […]

Rolex Replica is the KING of the Auction Room!

Incredible, this is what $ 9 million in my hands looks like! 2 x iconic grail Rolex Replica for SFr 5,170.000,= and 3.722.000,= !! Mama mia what a performance it was again to see vintage Rolex Replica dominate the world record prices that have been achieved during the watch auctions last weekend in Geneva! I was prepared to see […]

Pucci Papaleo’s “Daytona Perpetual” Horological Art Exhibition

A First-Of-Its-Kind Horological Art Exhibition Curated by Pucci Papaleo and Featuring: Contemporary Watch Portraits by Fabio Santinelli from the Upcoming Book “Daytona Perpetual” and 30 Exceptional Automatic Rolex Replica Cosmograph Daytona Watches on display. The opening of the international exhibition in Geneva is from May 11 to 14. Hope to see you all over there!! Phillips in Association with […]


Christie’s Dedicated Vintage Rolex Replica Auction

The watch team from Christie’s has put together a special Rolex Replica sale during their Geneva May 15th Afternoon Session. The second part of their important watch auction is exclusively dedicated to vintage Rolex. With the international attention vintage Rolex Replica still gets, it’s a smart move from Christie’s. Earlier this morning Thomas Perazzi send me their […]


The Vintage Rolex Replica Buyer’s Guide by Philipp Stahl

You want to learn to buy vintage Rolex Replica safely? Start studying my complete Vintage Rolex Replica Buyer’s Guide! I noticed yet again that even seasoned collectors still ask me on a regular basis the obvious advise about originality of vintage Rolex. In a constantly developing market, where fine and honest quality has gone mad during the auctions price-wise, […]

Phillips Geneva Auction – 6062 Bao Dai & Gold Oyster Newman 6263

ANNOUNCING our Spring 2017 Sale – Geneva Watch Auction: FIVE (#GWA5) – to offer The BAO DAI. Taking place on 13 and 14 May at Hotel La Reserve, we are delighted to announce ROLEX highlights that are perhaps the most important selection of iconic Rolex Replica watches presented at auction in recent years. UPDATE: Now online: the Phillips […]

Rolex Replica Basel 2017 New Models

Rolex Replica has just announced their 2017 models at the BaselWorld Watch Show.… As I showed you already weeks ago and nobody believed me, Rolex Replica did just announce it’s 50th anniversary  (1967-2017) the Sea Dweller. Here it is, the 43 mm new Single Red Rolex Replica Sea Dweller for 50 anniversary with cyclops!… Find -> all info at […]


The Rolex Replica News for Basel World 2017

What did I tell you 😉 Here it is, the 43 mm new Single Red Rolex Replica Sea Dweller for 50 anniversary with cyclops!.. It’s called the Ref 126600 and priced at CHF 10.800,= ($10.800) ask your dealer to reserve one for you!…   In my humble opinion, the following new models will be the 2017 Rolex Replica News […]

Tudor Basel News 2017 – Black Bay Chrono

Tudor opened the Basel World Show tonight in their cool heritage created bar and presented the lobby boys their new model. The Black Bay Chrono is having a “Fully integrated, in house, column wheel chronograph for under $5.000,=”  This Tudor Black Bay Chrono (ref. 79350) is priced at SFr4500, or about US$4520. Here are some impressions from […]

The Geneva Car Show 2017 – New Ford GT

This time it was not Rolex Replica but Ford that was the reason why we went to Geneva. Like fitting for your bespoke suit, the Ford Concierge Team made it possible for me to experience the new GT. I first ran into the Heritage Ford GT from 1966, who won Le Mans, that was also on […]

Rolex Replica 6205 Submariner with patina at its Best!

I like to show you today a rare all original Rolex Replica Submariner Ref 6205. Up here you see exactly how I got it. It’s not only rare by how little have survived but also to see it with such a stunning patina! One of the earliest, and kind of experimental, Submariners that Rolex Replica made. It’s the […]

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